Clara Cuonzo

In Abruzzese, an upper-Southern Italo-Romance language, the adverb angorə is ambiguous between “still” and “(not)…yet”. When meaning “(not)…yet”, angorə is found in a high sentential position preceding the inflected verb and is only optionally associated with the negation*,* while nonetheless conveying a negative meaning. Although previous analyses by (Biberauer and D’Alessandro 2009) and (Garzonio and Poletto 2013, 2017) have claimed that *angorə* “(not)…yet” lies in the CP, I bring new data showing that *angorə* “(not)…yet” is lower in the sentential structure. More specifically, I argue that it is adjoined to NegP, engendering then a reanalysis of *angorə* “(not)…yet” as a proper negative element.

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