Peter Kosta

This study analyzes Multiple Modification in Slavic, Germanic and Romance languages. Descending from the theory of Cingue (1999), and Cinque (2010), in which multiple modification both of Adjectives and Adverbs are specifiers, we can show that Adjectives are heads of their own projection. I analyze and compare the distribution and order of multiple modifiers in a DP with the approach of Pereltsvaig and Kagan (2018) and Svenonius (2008). I assume that the hierarchy of adjectives depends on the respective functional projection of the semantic classes of adjectives and other generally accepted functional projections, such as e.g. NumP, DegP and the QP. The notion DegP will be taken to show that some classes of adjectives do not move higher than their designated functional projection. Based on this, I argue for a 1:1 mapping of semantic classes of Adjectives onto syntactic representation expressed as αP-Layers of different syntactic level.

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Kosta, Peter (University of Potsdam)