Megi Barci

Particles like even in English, are known to be characterized by simultaneous scalar and additive presuppositions (Horn 1969; Karttunen & Peters 1979; Rooth 1995; Gast & van der Auwera 2011). Nevertheless, the additive nature of these scalar particles has been shown to vary across languages (Giannakidou 2007; Gast & van der Auwera 2011; Greenberg 2016). To be more precise, additivity is not seen as a universal property of even-like particles (Greenberg& Umbach 2021). In light of the above arguments, I draw attention to Albanian scalar additive operators, madje and edhe, to explore their behavior. I provide an analysis that shows that madje is chosen preferentially in a nonadditive context and that the combination madje edhe is preferred in an additive context.

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Barci, Megi ()